Legendary filmmaker/entrepreneur Walt Disney made countless classics throughout his career, from "Snow White" to "Dumbo." However, before he became the icon you know today, Walt was an unknown animator at Universal, where he drew one of his first characters, Oswald the Rabbit.

As part of this year's D23, Disney's annual fan celebration festival, the company has released one of the oldest known animations from Walt, which feature Oswald.

According to Yahoo! Movies, 26 Oswald cartoons were produced in the 1920s and '30s, as Universal's first-ever cartoon series. The rabbit would end up being a starting point for Disney's most famous character to date, Mickey Mouse. (After Universal tried to cash in on the character's popularity, Walt got out of his contract with the studio. On the train ride back home, he came up with the idea for Mickey.)

Since the Disney company reacquired the rights to Oswald in 2006, they have been slowly working him into the world of Disney (he even popped up in the Disney video game Epic Mickey).

You can check out some of Walt's original Oswald drawings in the animation above, titled "Harem Scarem."

[via Yahoo! Movies b/w EW]

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