It's appropriate that Pixar Animation Studios' first feature, 1995's "Toy Story," was centered on the world of playthings. Since then, no entertainment entity has been able to tap into our inner child with more consistently boundless imagination than the team spearheaded by John Lasseter.

This Friday, Pixar will attempt to do it again, with their latest animated outing, "Brave." Here, the studio takes the standard Disney princess and gives her a badass makeover, fiery red hair and a way with a bow and arrow, not to mention a thick Scottish brogue courtesy of the adorable Kelly Macdonald.

It's that penchant for character development that has made every entry in the Pixar filmography a bull's-eye. Which is why Moviefone is making a brave stance of our own and ranking almost every major character (all 118 of them!) from the 13 Pixar flicks. We also split them up into several different categories, including Cute Kids, Cuter Critters and the Adorable Sidekicks. Enjoy!

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Toy Story Movie Poster
Toy Story
Based on 26 critics

Woody (Tom Hanks), a good-hearted cowboy doll who belongs to a young boy named Andy (John Morris), sees... Read More

Toy Story 2 Movie Poster
Toy Story 2
Based on 34 critics

Woody (Tom Hanks) is stolen from his home by toy dealer Al McWhiggin (Wayne Knight), leaving Buzz Lightyear... Read More

Cars Movie Poster
Based on 39 critics

While traveling to California to race against The King (Richard Petty) and Chick Hicks (Michael Keaton)... Read More

Toy Story 3 Movie Poster
Toy Story 3
Based on 39 critics

With their beloved Andy preparing to leave for college, Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen),... Read More

Ratatouille Movie Poster
Based on 37 critics

Remy (Patton Oswalt), a resident of Paris, appreciates good food and has quite a sophisticated palate.... Read More

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