Can you imagine Dustin Hoffman as the hard-boiled, romantic, replicant-hunting sleuth hero of "Blade Runner"?

It's true, the "Tootsie" star was one of many leading men up for the role of Rick Deckard; it was only a recommendation from Steven Spielberg, who had just shot "Raiders of the Lost Ark," that persuaded Ridley Scott that "Star Wars" second banana Harrison Ford could carry a movie.

Three decades later, Ford has gone from untried leading man to cinema icon. His co-stars (including Sean Young, Daryl Hannah, and Edward James Olmos) went from obscurity to stardom -- and sometimes, back again to obscurity. The movie itself, which was a box-office disappointment upon its release 30 years ago this month (on June 25, 1982), went on to become the most influential science-fiction movie this side of "Star Wars." About seven different versions have been released since then, making sure that we never forgotten about Deckard's dark quest to find humanity within himself -- even as we may have wondered what became of the people who made "Blade Runner." To find out, read on.

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