I need you to listen to me carefully ... Liam Neeson is back in his role as Bryan Mills, the ex-CIA operative/stone-faced agent of justice, in "Taken 2."

Yes, the first trailer for the sequel to the successful 2009 flick has arrived. Here, Mills and his family are on vacation in Istanbul, Turkey, when Mills' wife (Famke Janssen) is taken (!) by the same guys who ran the prostitution ring his daughter was sold into during the first film. (Apparently they're still upset about the unflinching swath of destruction that Mills wreaked on their associates, and are now seeking revenge.)

It should be no surprise that the seemingly invincible Mills is hellbent on getting his wife back, by threatening to do what he does best. (From the looks of the trailer, that means using guns, exploding cars, and lots of running through the streets of Istanbul.)

You can check out the trailer for "Taken 2" (not "Taken Again" Or "Double-Taken"? C'mon!) above. The film hits theaters October 5.

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Taken 2
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