What's the biggest downside about going to the movie theater? (We'll give you a hint: It has to do with money.)

That's right! High ticket prices! Which is why the friendly folks at Moviefone (that's us) have decided to give you free movie tickets this summer.

From now until August 31, Moviefone will be giving away 1,000 tickets each week. At the end of the summer, one winner will receive the Grand Prize -- free movie tickets for a year.

To enter -- and be in the running for the grand prize -- head to either the Moviefone Promotions page (or, if Facebook is more your style, here) and play the Spin to Win game. You get one spin a day until the end of August. The more you play between now and then, the better your chance to win the grand prize.

Make sure to like Moviefone on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates regarding free movie tickets, as well as breaking news, features and interviews with your favorite stars.

Good luck with the contest and enjoy your summer at the movies!

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