Channing Tatum is many things: an actor, a film producer, a dancer, a model -- but he's no thief.

The star of "Magic Mike" was recently accused by two former stripping colleagues that he used their real-life stories and patented stripper moves (one of which is called "The Hot Seat") without their permission in the upcoming Steven Soderbergh-directed film. Thomas "Awesome" Austin and London Steele, who Tatum worked with during his brief time stripping in Tampa, Florida, were upset that they weren't involved in the production or consulted for accuracy, going so far as to call Tatum an "amateur" who "only danced for four months."

Despite this, Tatum's taking the high road and not letting their sexy slander get him down.

"Those guys have been trying to make money off of me since I got into this business", Tatum told the Hollywood Reporter (and by money, he presumably means more than just a few singles). "There's not one character that I took from my real life. This is just a world that I went into, and I had a perspective on... we created everything from a fictional place."

Tatum goes onto call Austin and Steele "interesting, intriguing and bizarre characters."

"Magic Mike" which also stars Matthew McConaughey, Adam Rodriguez, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer, hits theaters this Friday.

[via THR]

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