Lynn Shelton doesn't expect you to like her characters right away. In her fourth feature, Your Sister's Sister, the Seattle writer-director introduces her protagonist, Jack (played by Mark Duplass, star of her 2009 movie, Humpday), by giving him an angry diatribe to deliver -- one that sours a party held in honor of his late brother.

"In general, I like to show these characters' warts and all, and I sort of like the idea of warts first," she tells The Pitch by phone from Portland, Ore.. "You see him make this entire party really uncomfortable, and you're probably feeling pretty uncomfortable yourself, as an audience member, about what he's doing. I'm hoping that even by the end of that scene, you realize he's in an incredible amount of pain and that he really did love his brother, so it came out in this really twisted, black way."

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