"Brave" may have bested the surprising strong-hold "Madagascar 3," but Scotland's fire-haired heroine might have met her match: Channing Tatum's muscles.

This weekend sees the release of "People Like Us," "Ted" and "Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection" -- but all eyes are on "Magic Mike." The Steven Soderbergh stripper flick sees Hollywood's hunkiest taking it all off. But, despite its titillating premise, don't forget there have been many box office upsets in the last couple of weeks.

Let's take a look at the all predictions and reviews in Moviefone's Weekend Movie Preview.


"Magic Mike"What's the story? Featuring a bevy of hotties, and based on Channing Tatum's real-life experience as an exotic dancer, the movie delves into the colorful world of male strippers. Box-office prediction: Not only does the movie boast a hunk-tastic cast, Soderbergh's comedy has been earning good reviews to boot. Opening in more than 2,900 locations, "Magic Mike" could pull in $30 million.

"People Like Us"What's the story? A son (Chris Pine) is tasked with the responsibility of taking his deceased dad's fortune to his long-lost sister (Elizabeth Banks). Box-office prediction: While reviews for "People Like Us" have generally been positive, neither Pine nor Banks offer enough star power to necessarily sway audiences. The film will debut at 2,055 locations and may earn $8 million.

"Ted"What's the story? As a child, John (Mark Wahlberg) was granted the wish that his teddybear (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) would come to life. Now a grown man with a serious girlfriend (Mila Kunis), Ted's causing very grown-up problems. Box-office prediction: Preying on the adult males with a pension for silly, foul-mouthed humor should be no problem for "Ted"; word around the water cooler has been pretty positive. Screening at 3,000 theaters, "Ted" could earn $24 million.

"Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection"What's the story? Tyler Perry continues his gender bending in "Witness Protection," which imagines a man (Eugene Levy), ruined from his Wall Street ponzi-scheming, in the witness protection program (a.k.a. Madea's house). Box-office prediction: While Perry is no stranger to box-office success, his last film, "Good Deeds," brought in just $15.6 million. But diehard fans may still line up for the flick. Hitting 2,161 theaters, "Madea's Witness Protection" may collect $18 million.


LIMITED RELEASES Inconceivable! This weekend's national releases outnumber the limited flicks, but that doesn't mean they're not worth their salt. Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen's marital bliss is interrupted by an intriguing new neighbor, played by Luke Kirby in "Take This Waltz"; take a reminiscing road trip with the singer/songwriter Neil Young in "Neil Young Journeys"; in "Unforgivable", a man's insecurities drive him to uncover his femme's sexual secrets.

[Predictions via BoxOfficeGuru]

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