Looks like the odds aren't in Jena Malone's favor after all.

Newcomer Zoe Aggeliki is in serious talks for the "Hunger Games" role Malone was reportedly eying, according to Deadline.com.

Aggeliki is slotted to play tough cookie Johanna Mason, a pivotal character in the sequel, "Catching Fire." (In Suzanne Collins's second installment, Johanna is the ruthless and begrudging ally of Katniss during their second turn in the arena.) While both she and Malone were competing for the role (life reflecting art!), Aggeliki is said to have made a great impression on the sequel's director, Francis Lawrence.

Lawrence took the reigns of the blockbuster series after "Hunger Games" director Gary Ross bowed out in April. The rest of the cast -- Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hucherson and Liam Hemsworth -- will return to reprise their roles.

"Catching Fire" is set to hit theaters November 22, 2013.

[via Deadline]

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