July 9 marks the 30th anniversary of "Tron." The movie follows programming prodigy Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), who's transfered into the Tron system (a digital universe created by Flynn himself) and forced to compete in various games in order to escape.

Written and directed by Steven Lisberger, the 1982 sci-fi flick, which popularized the world of computer programing and gaming, continued its popularity long after its initial release. In addition to winning an Academy Award for Technical Achievement, "Tron" would go on to become a cult classic, eventually spawning video games, comic books and a sequel (2010's "Tron: Legacy").

While a large portion of the film takes place in technicolor cyberspace, there's one location from "Tron" that you can physically visit: Flynn's Arcade in Culver City, California.

Location as Character: Flynn's Arcade was where all the magic happened: An ultimate arcade/apartment/workspace where Kevin Flynn built the Tron system (and showed off his unbelievable video game skills to its visitors).

Historical Significance: Flynn's Arcade was located at the Hull Building, at 9543 Culver Blvd. in Culver City, California. Built in 1925 by Dr. Foster Hull, a city health officer, the building became Culver City's first hospital.

Fun Fact: The neon "Flynn's" sign, which is featured in the film, is one of the set's surviving props, and is currently stored at Disney Studios.

Directions: By car from Los Angeles International Airport (approximately 9.4 miles): Head south on World Way toward West Way; keep left at the fork and merge onto W Century Blvd; take the I-405 N ramp to Sacramento; keep left at the fork and merge onto I-405 N; take exit 51 for Culver Blvd; turn right onto Culver Blvd; make a U-turn. Destination will be on the right.

Visitor Info: The building is open to the public and as of 2008, houses the restaurant Akasha, which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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