Will Katy Perry's upcoming video documentary be bigger than "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never"?

"Well, I probably shouldn't say that," the singer admitted, "because then I will jinx it."

In our interview with Perry, the pop star covered a wide range of topics concerning her behind-the-scenes movie, "Part of Me," which gives an intimate look at her California Dreams tour and exposes the person behind the starlet.

"It wasn't always wonderful to see what I already lived through and gotten through," said the singer, about what was included in the documentary. "But hopefully I can be an example because I did get through it in some ways."

Perry also spoke to Moviefone about the inspiration for her film (hint: It has to do with Madonna), as well as the surprises she has in store for fans.

Take a look at the whole conversation above.

"Part of Me" hits theaters July 5.

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