Morgan Freeman has one of the most distinguishable voices in movie history -- a long, deep drawl that invites viewers in (and probably reminds them of the good 'ol days of Shawshank Prison).

That iconic voice is present once again in "The Magic of Belle Isle." Here, the 75-year-old actor plays Monte Wildhorn, a wheelchair-bound author who moves to a rural town in an attempt to reinvigorate his writing career.

In the new clip from the film, Freeman is seen sitting out on a back porch, sharing an intimiate moment with Mrs. O'Neil (Virginia Madsen), a single mother he befriends after arriving in town.

You can check out the clip above. "The Magic of Belle Isle" hits theaters on July 6.
The Magic of Belle Isle
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A single woman and her daughters help an alcoholic writer (Morgan Freeman) find his muse again. Read More

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