Ernest Borgnine, who died Sunday at 95, is remembered mostly for his tough-guy roles, but he could be surprisingly tender as well, as he proved with his Oscar-winning portrayal as the lovelorn butcher in "Marty." The versatile star turned out to be equally adept at heroes and villains, comedy and drama, leading man and character parts.

The descendant of an Italian count, Borgnine always came off as a regular guy (one who, in real life, insisted that everyone call him Ernie.) He got into acting late (well into his 30s, before he made his film debut), but he worked steadily for 60 years until his death and racked up more than 200 movie and TV credits.

Naturally, there's a lot of chaff in there, but he also made some landmark flicks that changed the course of film history. Here are ten roles for which Ernest Borgnine deserves to be remembered.

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