Moviefone's New Release Pick of the Week"American Reunion"What's It About? The gang from "American Pie" get together for their 13-year high-school reunion (because why not)? Sexual misadventures occur.

See It Because: Unlike other teen sex comedies (including some installments in the "Pie" series), "Reunion" has a sweetness to it that makes these characters actually likeable; the cast clearly had a lot of fun resuming their roles and their charm creates an infectious nostalgia trip. (Also Available on Amazon Instant Video)

Watch an Exclusive Outtake Reel from "American Reunion"

Moviefone's Blu-ray Pick of the Week"Chariots of Fire"What's It About? Two young men from very different backgrounds compete as runners in the 1924 Paris Olympics, one motivated by God, the other hoping to overcome prejudices. See It Because: Watching "Chariots," the Oscar-winning Best Picture of 1981, is like completing sophomore year of "Film Buff University." Plus, you can finally experience that iconic slow-mo running in glorious 3D.

New on DVD & Blu-ray"Being Flynn"What's It About? This adaptation of Nick Flynn's acclaimed memoir, "Another Bullsh-t Night in Suck City," doesn't quite live up to the book, but it's good to see Robert De Niro trying again, as an alcoholic con artist who bottoms out and reunites with his son. See It or Skip It: See it. (Also Available on Amazon Instant Video)

"The Flowers of War"What's It About? The Chinese-language account of the Rape of Nanking, starring Christian Bale as a drunken American who hides both school girls and prostitutes in a Catholic cathedral See It or Skip It: See it, but don't expect perfection. (Also Available on Redbox | Amazon Instant Video)

"Margaret"What's It About? The film was supposed to come out in 2007, but the behind-the-scenes battle between director Kenneth Lonergan and Fox Searchlight got nasty and kept it on the shelf for years. After multiple re-edits, the final product -- the story of a 17-year-old Mahattan-ite (Anna Paquin) who plays a part in a fatal bus accident -- is kind of a mess, but a really fascinating case study. See It or Skip It: See it, if you've got two hours to kill and you're intrigued by art that imitates life. (Also Available on Amazon Instant Video)

New to Redbox"The Bourne Identity"

"The Client List"

"Machine Gun Preacher"

New to Blu-ray"Albino Alligator"

"Altered States"

"Blade II"


"Coma" (1978)

Rita Hayworth's "Cover Girl" (1944)



Buster Keaton's "The Saphead" (1920)



"Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (or How I Flew From London to Paris in 25 Hours, 11 Minutes)"
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