If the first taste of Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" left you wanting more, you're in luck! In conjunction with Comic-Con, The Weinstein Company will be raffling off two Limited Edition t-shirts for the upcoming spaghetti Western.

All you have to do is leave your favorite Tarantino quote in the comments below, on our Facebook page or on Twitter for a chance to win these spiffy digs.

Fans will have until July 15 at 3pm EST to respond; two winners will be selected in a random drawing. Click here for complete Official Rules.

Last but not least, free "Django" shirts will also be given away to fans at Comic Con this weekend in San Diego. At the convention, six "outlaws" will be clad in "Django" shirts, blue jeans and a cowboy hat. (You can't miss 'em!) Any fans who go up to these fellas and say the passcode "The D is silent" will be given a coin which can be redeemed for a limited edition tee!

For more information about the Con giveaway, stay tuned to the "Django Unchained" Twitter account (@unchainedmovie).

"Django Unchained," starring Jamie Foxx, Christopher Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio, hits theaters December 25.

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