How do you surprise Twi-hards at the vampire franchise's last Comic-Con panel? By showing them the first seven minutes of "Breaking Dawn, Part 2."

Fans who had been lining up for days to catch a final glimpse of the "Twilight" cast, got a nice present from director Bill Condon, when he told the audience -- via video message -- that they were going to see brand-new footage from the fifth and final film in the series. [Insert loud screams.]

Before the footage began, the moderator made sure to pay tribute to Gisela, the "Twilight" fan who had been hit and kiled by a car outside the convention center earlier in the week.

Afterward, the cast was introduced, as Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner walked out onto the stage to a chorus of cheers and camera flashes. Then, as the lights in Hall H went down, Kristen Stewart's red eyes popped up onto the screen, as Bella, now a vampire, embraced Edward. "We're now the same temperature," he said, then telling her, "You need to get your thirst under control. You need to hunt." Cut to Bella and Edward running through the woods, jumping off waterfalls, climbing up mountains and searching for prey, culminating in Bella herself making her first kill.

"I am really excited, I mean, that was fun, right?! And the rest of the movie is more of this," said "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer, about the footage. "It's them bringing to life the characters in such an amazing way... Getting to see Kristen as awesome powerful vampire Bella is a dream come true for me."

The three stars seemed just as excited by the footage -- and by the adoring fans who'd come out to celebrate "Twilight" one last time -- as Meyer. Soon after, Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone and Elizabeth Reaser joined their co-stars onstage.

At the "Breaking Dawn" press conference earlier in the day, Greene reflected on today's Hall H panel and how the entire "Twilight" experience was coming to an end. "This is the first event that marks the beginning of the end for 'Twilight,' so it's kind of sinking in," said Greene. "But once we get to the premieres, I think it will get a little more emotional. But luckily we have it captured on film forever"

Rathbone echoed similar sentiments during the panel. "This is my first Comic-Con and this is beautiful. Thanks again for coming out and supporting us again. We have the best fans in the world," he said.

On top of the the seven-minute clip, the crowd got to see additional "Breaking Dawn, Part 2" footage, featuring the entire Cullen clan meeting vampire Bella for the first time. Some of the advice Bella receives from them? "Don't sit so straight. Humans don't do that."

After the second clip ended, fans lined up to ask questions. One of the most popular questions: After five films, what were the stars' favorite memories?

"I don't want to seem cheesy and lame, but [Bella's] wedding was beautiful," said Stewart. "It was the one time, all you try to do as an actor is get as close to an experience as you can. [During that scene] I was mindless. I thought it was so cool."

As for Taylor Lautner's favorite moment from the whole series?

"I love the scene where I have to tell Kristen that I imprinted Renesmee. It was fun to shoot and it was hilarious," said Latuner, later adding that "Jacob's goal throughout the whole franchise has been to end up with [Bella], and he's always been stressed and emotional, and in this one he has a huge weight lifted off his shoulders."

The final question came from a male fan, thereby dispelling the assumption that "Twilight" is just for girls. "I just want to have a bro moment for Taylor Latuner," he said. "I used to be 300 [pounds] and now I am 215." Lautner, seemed please by that (and proud).

Ending out the panel was the first footage from "The Host," which is set to hit theaters March 29, 2013. Based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer, fans got to see their first look at Wanda, Jamie and Melanie Strider.

As for "Breaking Dawn, Part 2," that's set to hit theaters on November 16.

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