Being 11 years old and starring in one of the biggest movie franchises ever seems like a pretty daunting task. However, for Mackenzie Foy, who plays Renesmee in the upcoming -- and final -- "Twilight" movie, "Breaking Dawn, Part 2," she appears to be taking everything in stride.

Perhaps that's what happens at such a young age: that you're not really able to process all of the madness and fandom and flashbulbs constantly surrounding you at all times. Then again, in the case of Foy, it probably has more to do with the absurd amount of attention being paid to her co-stars, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Latuner. When you have a paparazzi-favored trio like those, there's less pressure on you to be The Golden Child.

Moviefone recently sat down with Foy during this year's Comic-Con in San Diego, several hours after the final "Twilight" panel took place, to discuss her favorite scene from "Breaking Dawn, Part 2" her (very admirable) life goals and what she would dress up as at the Con if she could.

When was the first time you had heard of "Twilight"? I don't remember how old I was, but I had heard of it.

Had you heard of the movies or the books first? The books first.

Had you read the books first? No, I am not allowed to read the books. I saw the movies, though. I saw the first one and the second one.

What were your first thoughts about the movies? I thought they were really good movies.

Did you ever think you were going to end up being in one of them? Actually, when I first saw them, I was like, "These are good movies!" I never thought, "Hey! Maybe I will be in one of those one day." I never thought that. It's kind of funny.

What was your first day on the set of "Breaking Dawn" like? It was really cool. I was excited and happy because it was my first time being on a movie set. So I was just super excited.

Were you nervous at all? I wasn't!

When were you first interested in acting? Well, I started printwork at three [years old]. And as I did a couple of jobs and printwork, I really liked it, and I just wanted to do acting because it was my next adventure.

Have any of the older cast members, like Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson, given you advice on how to deal with all the attention that comes with being in a "Twilight" movie? They've haven't given me advice about the fans or anything like that.

Have you gotten to interact with the fans at all? I have! I did some pictures and stuff like that.

How has that been? It's been fun! I really like doing that because it makes me so happy.

Have you gotten any gifts from fans? This girl, she sent me this purple sparkly bracelet. And then this one girl today, she gave me a little bag of candy. It was really sweet.

How has your life changed since being in a "Twilight" movie? It's been the same type of thing. It hasn't really changed my life dramatically. It has changed my life [because] it was my first movie and it's very exciting. But it hasn't changed my daily routine.

What was your favorite scene to shoot in "Breaking Dawn"? I probably have to say riding Jacob wolf. That was a cool one to film.

Why's that? It was my first stunt to do. So I got to hold on to him and I had a harness on. The harness, it's really cool, it's kind of like a diaper, except you have pants on over it.

So how has your first Comic-Con been going? Crazy!

What's the best costume you've seen so far? Well, I think there were these "Star Trek" dudes, and they had the goblin-y faces. Those were really cool, I could see them from out my window. I was like, "Ooh, that's cool."

If you could dress up for Comic-Con, what would you dress up as? A traffic cone!

Oh, yeah? How would you pull that off? [I would get] a long traffic cone, and cut the top off and make it as a hat, make myself orange, put little things I can stick my hands through, and have my feet sticking out the little cone part on the bottom, and just walk around. Oh, and get orange tennis shoes. I'd be like, "Hey, traffic cone!" If I get scared I would just hide inside it.

So when you're not acting, what do you do for fun? I like to roller skate. I have been roller skating since I was eight. I have these awesome white roller skates, and they look like cool shoes.

So what do you want to do after this? Do you want to continue acting? I want to do acting, I want to be a director and I might want to even be a producer.

What genre of movies are your favorite? I like action movies! Action movies are awesome.

Do you have a favorite action movie? Well, I do like "Zoom" and "The Avengers."

What did you like about "The Avengers"? Well it was super funny to begin with, and it's just full of superheroes and I like superheroes.

Do you have a favorite Avenger? The Hulk!

What do you like about the Hulk? He's giant, he's green and he has purple pants!

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