Like its cyborg hero, "RoboCop" was an uneasy hybrid. The film (released 25 years ago this week, on July 17, 1987) was an unlikely mix of sci-fi, summer action spectacle, pointed social satire, and brutal ultraviolence.

Nonetheless, the combination proved an enormous hit, one that spawned a franchise and made stars out of some little-known actors, marked a turning point for some Hollywood veterans, and put director Paul Verhoeven on the A-list. A quarter-century later, the principals' careers have taken further unlikely twists and turns.

As we await the 2013 reboot of "RoboCop" -- set to star TV cop Joel Kinnaman ("The Killing") as the bionic policeman, Hugh Laurie as the corporate villain, and Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson as new characters -- let's see what's become of the original cast.


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