After years of waiting, the storm has finally arrived: "The Dark Knight Rises" premiered at New York's AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 on Monday night.

The stars -- Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gary Oldman -- hit the appropriately-colored black carpet to promote the epic conclusion of Christopher Nolan's trilogy.

Below are six tidbits from the premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises."

Gary Oldman feels relieved that his final blockbuster is wrapping up, but he'll be back for more. Yeah, [I feel] a sense of relief... I'm about to start work on "Robocop," which may or may not be a continuing story but they are going to do to ["Robocop"], I think, what Christopher Nolan did to "Batman Begins" and so life in that department continues. But these fans, they won't be short of anything; I'm sure they've got "The Incredible Hulk"... they've got "The Avengers," another "Iron Man." Their appetite will satisfied. I'm genuinely happy -- it's been a fantastic ride -- and it's been eight years and [the movies have] been really amazing... I'm relieved but it's bittersweet.

Tom Hardy had some strange sources of inspiration for Bane. There were things that I set out to do and once I asked Chris [Nolan] some questions and got the feedback of what he wanted then we collaged them together. I hope [Bane] works, for starters, I think he does. I think he works great. We put in Colonel Kurtz, a huge gorilla, and Bartley Gorman, which is the accent as well...and other animals in there as well.

Christian Bale was surprised there were three "Batman" movies. We were always surprised when we got to make another movie, we always said "it's probably only going to be one" and then [after] "The Dark Knight" [we said] "this is probably going to be it" and then, wow, we got to do a third one. And we've always had a healthy perspective on that and so, I just feel very lucky to be able to do the three of them. And if Chris [Nolan] says it's time to finish then I think we should listen to him.

Marion Cotillard was amazed that Christopher Nolan changed the production schedule for her. Well, [Nolan] didn't stop production, but he arranged the schedule for me to be able to be part of the experience. It was really amazing because when my agent told me that he wanted me to be part of the movie and she told me about the dates and I couldn't be part of the movie and we had this conversation on the phone... yeah, it was amazing for me to hear him say "well, you know what, I'm in the middle of the writing, so, let me see what I can do." And a few months later he called me back telling me...we can make it work. So, yeah, it's amazing.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt had serious deja vu. I remember seeing "The Dark Knight" in this exact movie theater, I was living in New York and I went to see it on IMAX and that was what? Four years ago. And now to be here is very strange. I actually have a couple buddies of mine -- three people that I saw the movie with four years ago -- in this movie theater here tonight.

Anne Hathaway once spoiled a movie for everyone, too. Oh, god. I spoiled a movie for my entire English class once. Remember the movie "In & Out" with Kevin Klein? Well, we were talking about Freudian slips and I asked if his line -- you know, when he's supposed to say "I do" and he says "I'm gay" -- and I asked if that would count as a Freudian slip and the entire class just groaned... and my non-existent popularity plummeted even further.


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