While "The Dark Knight Rises" brought in a pretty penny this weekend, Warner Bros. is now planning on making a donation to charities that support the victims of the Aurora shooting.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio has reached out to Colorado governor John Hickenlooper and will be donating to givingfirst.org, a division of Colorado's Community First Foundation. The money will be distributed to several charities all geared to supporting the victims of the shooting spree, which took the lives of 12 people and left many injured.

Warner Bros. will not disclose the amount of the donation, but it is reportedly "substantial." CEO of the studio, Barry Meyer, will also send word on how their employees can personally give to the victims.

This is the first of many steps Warner Bros. has taken to aid in the aftermath of the Aurora tragedy. The studio originally pulled the trailer for the Ryan Gosling-led "Gangster Squad," which featured a scene where four men, dressed in trenchcoats, emerge from behind a movie screen, firing into the theater. Now, that scene has reportedly been removed from the film entirely.

[via THR]
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