Acclaimed German actress Susanne Lothar died on Wednesday at the age of 51.

The Hamburg-born actress appeared in dozens of German films, but was best known for her roles in Michael Haneke's "The White Ribbon" in 2009, and the Oscar-nominated 2008 movie "The Reader," directed by Stephen Daldry. She also appeared in two other Haneke movies: In the 2002 drama, "The Piano Teacher," about a troubled but talented pianist, and in the original version of the psychological thriller "Funny Games," where she played one-half of a married couple who are terrorized by two intruders.

As the Hollywood Reporter points out, Lothar was one of the most "celebrated German character actors of her generation," having been nominated for four German Film Awards (Germany's equivalent to the Oscars), and having one once for her role as Marga Schroth in the 1983 film "Eisenhans."

Details have not yet been released on the cause of death.

[via THR]

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