The weekend has come and gone, and the buddy action-comedy "The Watch,"landed with a thud in third place. How could a movie starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill bring in such disappointing returns? Maybe it has something to do with the aliens.

Yes, "The Watch" wasn't just a comedy about an inept neighborhood watch, it was also a violent alien blockbuster. However, if you weren't expecting that plot turn, don't feel left out: the movie's advertising campaign played down the aliens big time, even though it was a central part of the story. Like we said in our review, it's obviously possible for a film to incorporate various elements -- and conflicting emotions -- but here, it just felt confusing and off-putting.

In the past, there have been plenty of movies that made you think you were getting one kind of story, only to reveal the plot was going in an entirely different direction. When done well, they are refreshingly surprising twists; when done poorly, they lead the movie down a wrong turn that could potentially sour everything.

Moviefone looks back at a few movies that took unexpected plot turns, including ones that did it right, and ones did it wrong. After you're finished, let us know what you thought of the alien plot twist in "The Watch."


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