"The Dark Knight Rises" composer Hans Zimmer has dedicated a song to the victims of the Aurora shooting.

"'Aurora' is dedicated to those who lost their lives and were affected by the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado," Zimmer wrote on his Facebook page. "I recorded this song in London in the days following the tragedy as a heartfelt tribute to the victims and their families."

The eight-and-a-half-minute song is being sold for donations of 10 cents to $2,500. "100% of the proceeds," Zimmer wrote, "will be donated to the Aurora Victim Relief organization."

Zimmer isn't the first to give back to the grieving community of Aurora. "TDKR" star Christian Bale recently paid a hospital visit to those wounded in the shooting and Warner Bros. is donating a "substancial" sum to a Colorado charity that supports the victims.

Click here for an excerpt of Zimmer's song and to download it.

[via NY Post]
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