It's hard to imagine screen vets like Meryl Streep or Tommy Lee Jones being uncomfortable with anything. But in their upcoming comedy, "Hope Springs," in which they play a married couple on the rocks, there's one topic which leaves them blushing: sex.

That's just good acting, folks! The new comedy from the golden-agers-revamping-their-sex-life genre, follows Kay and Arnold Soames -- played by the Oscar-winning pair -- as they try to repair their magic-less marriage.

In order to do so, the couple heads to Maine to receive some much-needed marital wisdom from Dr. Feld (Steve Carrell), who gives them various tips and exercises -- however awkward -- to improve their marriage.

In an exclusive clip, from both Moviefone and Huffington Post Entertainment, they've graduated to the most daunting task of all: bedroom intimacy.

"Hope Springs" hits theaters August 10.
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Hope Springs
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