With the best athletes in the world competing for Gold this week in London, it's time to turn our attention to something that hasn't even been invented yet: Movie Olympics! Here, Moviefone pits together some of your favorite characters in Olympic events.

Today's event is swimming. Michael Phelps may have earned his spot in the history books with record-breaking achievements in Beijing, but these beloved movie characters and their iconic pool-based moments are nothing to take lightly. Whether it's Linda Barrett turning heads in "Fast Times" or Clark Griswold's epic vacation fail, everyone here has a shot at glory.

Below, let's take a look at those competing in the event. When you're finished, make sure to vote for who you think should take home the Movie Olympic Gold.

best movie swimmersName: The Baby Ruth Candy Bar from "Caddyshack" Why It's On The List: The Bushwood Country Club will never forget the impact that Baby Ruth left on its pool; no other competitor on this list was able to clean house quite like it. Why It Could Win: Intimidation factor. When it drops into the water, everyone clears out; people would rather not swim than attempt to go toe-to-toe with this delicious concoction of peanuts, caramel and chocolate-covered nougat. Watch the candy bar in action (Slightly NSFW)

best movie swimmerName: Linda Barrett from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" Why She's On The List: She has pristine diving skills, and her poise and grace make her a perfect ten. Why She Could Win: Do not underestimate her ability to distract; opponents can get caught daydreaming and, before they know it, she's snuck up on them. Watch Linda Barrett in action (Very NSFW)

best movie swimmersName: Benjamin Braddock from "The Graduate" Why He's On The List: Benjamin isn't just an average 21-year-old grad who spends his SoCal summer laying around the family pool. He's a beacon for all disaffected youth looking for something to strive for. Why He Could Win: As a decorated college track star, he's the only one on the list with some real athletic pedigree. Plus, his listless approach to life gives him the "nothing to lose" edge. Watch Benjamin in action

best movie swimmersName: Clark Griswold and the Girl in the Red Ferrari from "National Lampoon's Vacation" Why They're On The List: Sparky took third in the State finals, and he's proficient in many strokes. Why They Could Win: They live by one simple credo: "Go for it." Watch Clark and the Girl in Action

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