"Come stay with us, forever and ever and ever and ever ....."

Could Jack Torrance be returning to the Overlook Hotel?

According to the LA Times, Warner Bros. is currently exploring the possibility of creating a prequel to Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror masterpiece, "The Shining."

The story would follow Torrance, his wife and his son, Danny, before they made their fateful trip up the mountain to the haunted Overlook.

WB has brought on writer-producer Laeta Kalogridis to look into the possibility of a "Shining" backstory, along with her partners Bradley Fischer and James Vanderbilt. Kalogridis is best known for writing the screenplay to Martin Scorsese's 2010 film, "Shutter Island."

While the studio reiterates that a project like this is only in its preliminary stages, it's not hard to imagine this film actually going through, particularly since Stephen King, whose book Kubrick adapted for the original movie, has been writing a "Shining" sequel, called "Doctor Sleep." No word on whether the prequel would be based on the original King novel or the film.

[via LA Times]
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