With the best athletes in the world competing for Gold this week in London, it's time to turn our attention to something that hasn't even been invented yet: Movie Olympics! Here, Moviefone pits together some of your favorite characters in Olympic events.

In 1992, the U.S.A. Men's Olympic Basketball team (better known as the Dream Team) stomped their opponents by an average margin of 44 points (!) per game. Needless to say, the squad went on to win the Gold Medal that year, supplanting their place in playground lore. However, for the Movie Olympics, rest assured that those types of blowouts will not be happening. That's because this year's basketball event has a very strong group of competitors going head-to-head for "Best Team In The Land" bragging rights.

From the TuneSquad to the Hickory Huskers, let's take a look below at those participating. When you're finished, make sure to vote for who you think should take home the Movie Olympic Gold.

best basketball movie teamName: TuneSquad from "Space Jam" Why They're On The List: The Looney Tunes/Michael Jordan squad managed to take out the Monstars, a team made up of gigantic monsters who've stolen the talents of NBA stars Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson, Charles Barkley, Muggsy Bogues and Shawn Bradley (yes, the latter two were considered stars at one point). Why They Could Win: Well, Michael Jordan (duh). Plus, as far as 1-2 cartoon punches go, you can't get much better than Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. The team also has a very deep bench, anchored by Foghorn Leghorn and Yosemite Sam. Watch the TuneSquad in action

hoosiersName: Hickory Huskers from "Hoosiers" Why They're On The List: The little team that could managed to take out Indiana's best basketball teams on their way to a state championship. Also, Jimmy Chitwood! Why They Could Win: Jimmy is easily the best shooter in this year's tournament. Plus, the team -- lead by veteran Coach Norman Dale -- knows how to win on the road and in crunch time Watch the Huskers in action

teen wolfName: Beacontown Beavers from "Teen Wolf" Why They're On The List: While the Beavers may not be the most talented team out there, they can always lean back on the skills -- and scares -- of Scott Howard (a.k.a. Teen Wolf). Why They Could Win: Um, they have a wolf on their team. Watch the Beacontown Beavers in action

white men cant jumpName: Billy Hoyle and Sidney Deane from "White Men Can't Jump" Why They're On The List: They took out streetball legends "The King" and "The Duck." Why They Could Win: Billy and Sidney are two of the biggest show-offs in this year's field. However, that wouldn't mean anything unless they had the talent to back it up (they do). And if their basketball skills fail them, they can always trash talk the competition straight out of the gym. Watch Billy and Sidney in action (slightly NSFW)

he got gameName: Lincoln Railsplitters from "He Got Game Why They're On The List: Thanks to the talents of superstar Jesus Shuttlesworth, the Lincoln Railsplitters are one of the best high-school basketball teams in the country Why They Could Win: We're talking about JESUS SHUTTLESWORTH here. Every single college coach in the country admits he's the next coming of MJ (watch the video at the link below for proof of that). He can dunk, he can drive, he can shoot -- Mr. Shuttlesworth has the full package, and finding someone to defend him is going to be tough. Watch the Railsplitters in action

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