Up until now, director Sam Mendes has managed to keep an extremely tight lid on the details surrounding the upcoming James Bond movie, "Skyfall" (the stars of the film have stayed predictably mum about the story line as well). However, after a few teasers, 007 fanatics may finally have the answers they've been looking for (or at least, hints at the answers they've been looking for).

In the first official full-length trailer for "Skyfall," debuting exclusively on Moviefone, James Bond gets shot, M writes his obituary and James Bond comes back to life. Oh, also, MI6 headquarters blows up, the villain Silva (played by a completely terrifying, blonde wig-wearing Javier Bardem) speaks for the first time, and Ralph Fiennes finally gives us a look at M's (Judi Dench) boss, Gareth Mallory.

Last but not least, we get the long-awaited return of Q (remember Q?) the brilliant tech wiz behind 007's fancy gadgets who hasn't been seen on screen since John Cleese took over the role in 2002's "Die Another Day." (The man best known for playing Q, Desmond Llewelyn, passed away in 1999.) Here, Q (albeit, a much younger one played by actor Ben Whishaw) returns with some cool new weaponry, namely, a handgun that's been coded to Bond's palm print, meaning only he can fire it (cue sly smirk from 007 himself, Daniel Craig).

You can take a look at the trailer above. "Skyfall," starring Daniel Craig, Bardem, Fiennes, Judi Dench and Albery Finney, hits theaters on November 9.

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