"How real and present is the fear of being seen as boring?" asks Colin Farrell in Moviefone's newest Unscripted. Luckily, he and his "Total Recall" co-stars have nothing to fear.

Here, the cast -- Farrell, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale -- fields all kinds of crazy questions about their revamp of the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic. Farrell's first query: Would you rather have the comb-over from "Horrible Bosses" or three breasts like the woman in "Total Recall"?

Tough, but after much consideration, Farrell explains "I could rock the comb-over, I could do something with a comb-over. I really could."

The stars also compare Ah-nuld impressions, with Farrell offering a signature growl (which he described as "Arnold having a bowel movement") and Biel trying her best to do the same.

You can watch the cast's "Recall"-related hijinks in the full Unscripted, above. "Total Recall" hits theaters Friday, August 3.

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