With the best athletes in the world competing for Gold this week in London, it's time to turn our attention to something that hasn't even been invented yet: Movie Olympics! Here, Moviefone pits together some of your favorite characters in Olympic events.

Love is in the air -- today's event is tennis! While the Olympians are giving each other a run for their money, there's a few memorable movie matches that deserve their due.

From Richie Tenenbaum to Peter Colt from "Wimbledon," take a look at those competing in the event below. When you're finished, make sure to vote for who you think should take home the Movie Olympic Gold for tennis.

bridesmaidsName: Annie from "Bridesmaids" Why She's On The List: With serious female grunting and boob-attacks on the table, women's tennis has never been more violent. Plus, she's got one heck of an over-head shot. Why She Could Win: One word: ruthless. Annie was competing with Helen in real life and she made her pay on the court. Gird your loins, challengers! See Annie in action

the royal tenenbaumsName: Richie Tenenbaum from "The Royal Tenenbaums" Why He's On The List: Ignoring the fact that he threw the championship match when he found out the love of his life/sister had gotten married, The Baumer had a lauded tennis career. Plus, he's a good sport; he later taught underprivileged children how to play. Why He's Could Win: You can't argue with facts: He had been a champion tennis player since the third grade. He turned pro at seventeen and won the U.S. Nationals three years in a row. See The Baumer in action

wimbledon movieName: Peter Colt from "Wimbledon" Why He's On The List: After falling from the relative top, Peter found his motivation on the court in a female player (Kirsten Dunst). Why He Could Win: A film that puts the "love" in "love, love"? That's a winner! (Alright, that's enough.) See Peter in action

match pointName: Chris Wilton from "Match Point" Why He's On The List: Scandal on the tennis court! A one-time tennis pro falls for a lady who's spoken for by his brother-in-law-to-be. But how does it affect his game!? Why He Could Win: After dealing with the stress of a tryst on his hands, Chris Wilton can handle anything the court throws at him. See Chris in action

balls of furyName: Randy Daytona from "Balls of Fury" Why He's On The List: While it may not be full court, Randy Daytona of "Balls of Fury" definitely knows what he's doing with a paddle and ball. Why He Could Win: Don't doubt anyone who faces Christopher Walken and lives to tell the tale. See Randy in action

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