Thought WALL-E couldn't get any cuter? Think again!

A California robot-buff recently brought the lovable trash compactor to life. The designer, Mike Senna, has experience in making real-life replicas of beloved robots: he previously fashioned a spot-on R2-D2 and began taking the squeaking "Star Wars" character around town, visiting cancer charities and hospitals.

The response to R2 was overwhelming, admitted Senna. Therefore, he decided to build a robot with "more emotion." So, in 2010, he began working on the wide-eyed WALL-E.

Turns out, the trash compactor of the future was exceedingly difficult to build. Senna spent 25 hours a week or more working on the robot. He estimates the whole thing took anywhere between 3,200 and 3,800 hours to finish, all of which he funded completely on his own.

Check out the finished WALL-E in the clip above. For more information on WALL-E and Senna, head over to the creator's blog.

[via blastr]
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