Legendary composer Marvin Hamlish has passed away at the age of 68.

Jason Lee, a family spokesman, said Hamlisch died on Monday after a brief illness.

The composer had a wildly successful career -- an EGOT winner, he earned a Tony, three Oscars, four Emmys, and four Grammys -- and is most famous for his scores for "A Chorus Line" and "The Way we Were."

After breaking into the music business co-writing songs for Lesley Gore, Hamlisch moved to scoring films. He went on to compose more than 40 scores, including ones for "Sophie's Choice," "Ordinary People" and "Take the Money and Run." Despite his success on the big screen, Hamlisch continued his work on Broadway. He composed "The Goodbye Girl" and "Sweet Smell of Success" and won the Pulitzer Prize for "The Chorus Line."

His overwhelming success earned him cultural notoriety, as well. His bookish style -- think-rimmed glasses, the occasional bow-tie -- was celebrated and parodied on "SNL's" popular sketch, "Nerd."

Hamlish is survived by his wife of 25 years, Terre.

[via AP b/w Vulture]
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