This weekend sees the release of the fourth "Bourne" film, "The Bourne Legacy" -- except this time around it's sans titular lead, Jason Bourne (Matt Damon). Instead, new guy Jeremy Renner is getting his turn behind the wheel.

Director Tony Gilroy continues the genetically modified tale in "The Bourne Legacy," which follows agent Aaron Cross, who is -- like Jason Bourne -- trying to defect from a secret government organization. Renner is also joined by a few new stars: Rachel Weisz, as a brilliant scientist/tough girl and Edaward Norton, who plays the nefarious agency head.

"Bourne Legacy" is vying for the box office top spot -- hoping to dethrone "The Dark Knight Rises" -- and could bring in as much as $33 million this weekend. But are audiences ready for a Damon-free "Bourne"? Take a look at what the critics are saying, below.

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