After sweeping Cannes, anticipation mounts for the Prohibition-era film "Lawless."

From director John Hillcoat ("The Road") comes a period piece on the bootlegging Bondurant Brothers trying to live out their own boozy version of the American Dream. (Aren't we all!) The film also stars some of Hollywood's top stars -- Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke, Guy Pearce and Mia Wasikowska -- dressed in their outlaw-best.

Just to whet your thirst for the film, The Weinstein Co. has given Moviefone an exclusive look at the ladies of "Lawless," including Chastain's Maggie, who has a taste for fast cars and serving up moonshine. Take a look at the info graphic below!

"Lawless" hits theaters August 29. For more information on the movie, head to the "Lawless" Facebook page.

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