Thought it was too good to be true that Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan would be starring in the upcoming "Scary Movie" together?

Well, as it turns out, their screen time will be bloody and brief. The stars will "get the ax" in the film's opener, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It's a match made in celebrity infamy, Sheen and Lohan will not only star in the spoof but will be playing "the world's hottest new couple." Despite the fact that the previous "Two and a Half Men" star was killed off in the fourth installment, rumor has it that "Scary Movie 5" is a reboot of the over-the-top franchise.

Lohan's had a colorful couple of months, "Scary Movie" will come off the heels of "Liz & Dick," Lifetime's Elizabeth Taylor biopic. She's next slotted to star in Bret Easton Ellis's "The Canyons."

According to TMZ, the 26-year-old reformed movie star will reportedly earn $200,000 for her brief cameo in the film, while Sheen's paycheck remains undisclosed, for now.

If you cannot wait until April 2013 to see Charlie Sheen back on the big screen, he is currently in Toronto for the Joe Carter Classic Golf Tournament.

Check out the 'Wild Thing' at a Blue Jays batting practice:

"Scary Movie 5" hits theaters April 19.

[via THR]

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