'The Odd Life of Timothy Green' is more than just a movie about a boy who grows from the garden -- it's a film about love, family and finding beauty in everyday, mundane life. Starring Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton and relative newcomer CJ Adams as Timothy, the movie plucks at the heartstrings and makes one appreciate what they have around them.

Moviefone sat down with filmmaker Peter Hedges and Edgerton to discuss the magic of 'Timothy Green,' the swear jar they had to have on set, and another reason why everyone should love Jennifer Garner even more than they already do.

(Check out the video above!)

'The Odd Life of Timothy Green' opens on August 15.
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The Odd Life of Timothy Green
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Cindy (Jennifer Garner) and Jim Green (Joel Edgerton) live in the town of Stanleyville, home of the Stanleyville... Read More

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