The eccentric family Julie Delpy assembled for her film 2 Days In Paris is back, and they're as embarrassing as ever in her follow-up, 2 Days in New York.

This time, Adam Goldberg (Saving Private Ryan, The Hebrew Hammer) is out, and Chris Rock (Head of State) is in as Marion's (Delpy) new squeeze, Mingus. Mingus isn't as neurotic as Goldberg's character, but the family's shenanigans certainly test his sanity -- particularly as Marion morphs into a lunatic, too, during their brief stay.

Marion's father, played by Delpy's real-life Dad Albert Delpy, is embarrassing before he even leaves the airport. He gets detained by U.S. Customs after they discover the plethora of sausage and cheese he tried to smuggle in by taping it to his body. Once he gets through and eventually makes it to Marion's apartment, he refuses to have a shower to wash the sausage-y, cheesy stink off his person. He may be adorable with his white Santa beard and impossibly cute fedora, but he certainly doesn't smell very good.

Of course, he isn't the only embarrassing family member. Marion's sister, Rose (Alexia Landeau), is an unabashed exhibitionist who trots around the apartment naked in front of the very uncomfortable Mingus. Her worst offense, though, is unexpectedly bringing Marion's annoying ex-lover, Manu (Alexandre Nahon), on the trip, much to Mingus's chagrin.

While the attention-hungry Rose may be agitating on her own, she causes a heck of a lot more trouble when paired with Manu. The two almost get Marion and Mingus kicked out of their apartment when they openly smoke pot in the elevator in front of a very uptight neighbor.

Even Marion becomes embarrassing as her family drives her increasingly crazy. At one point, she breaks out into a loud fight with Rose in a restaurant as Mingus is trying to network with a valuable work contact. While the crazy family is undoubtedly entertaining, the overall plot of 2 Days in New York doesn't quite mesh and runs on a bit long. But that doesn't mean some of the family feuds aren't fun to watch.

The flick got me thinking about other embarrassing relatives who just might give Marion's crew a run for their money when it comes to public humiliations.

1. Uncle Buck (John Candy) in Uncle Buck. He may be lovable, but I can't think of a more embarrassing uncle in movie history. Remember when he struts through that teenage house party to retrieve his sullen niece? Or when he shows up at that teen haunt in the woods to pluck her away from her slimy boyfriend? He meant well, but for a teenage girl such actions are beyond humiliating.

2. Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) in the National Lampoon vacation flicks. Clark had a chance to embarrass four different sets of kids in this series, including Juliette Lewis and Johnny Galecki in Christmas Vacation. One of his most awkward moments, though, has to be when he gets caught frolicking with Christie Brinkley in a motel pool in Vacation. No kids want to see their Dad shamelessly flirting with attractive strangers.

3. Alan (Zach Galifianakis) in The Hangover. We don't see a lot of his sister, Doug's bride-to-be, but Alan certainly does enough to embarrass the guys on their Vegas trip. From his tight-white pants and man purse to his cringe-worthy inquiries at the Caesar's Palace check-in desk, Alan doesn't exactly exude bachelor party cool.

4. Loki in The Avengers. I would imagine it doesn't get much more embarrassing for a do-gooder God like Thor than to have his little brother try to destroy the world with his Chitauri army. Talk about sullying the good family name!

5. Kip and Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite. As if it wasn't bad enough that Kip made Napoleon jealous by chatting online with babes all day, Uncle Rico spread embarrassing rumors about Napoleon to help boost his Tupperware sales! It's hard to say who's the most annoying of the two, though I just might lean towards Kip, what with his gansta getup and over-the-top wedding song.

Honorable mention: Vincent (Danny Devito) in Twins. If Julius (Arnold Schwarzenegger) was capable of being embarrassed, Vincent would definitely fit the bill with his crass behavior and half-witted schemes. (Not to mention his shocking lack of muscle tone!)

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