Despite having the best opening weekend of any 2-D film, ever, "The Dark Knight Rises" still isn't besting all the records.

Reports show that TDKR will sell 10 million fewer tickets than Tim Burton's 1989 "Batman".

However, the price of tickets -- surprise! -- has gone up dramatically between the films' 23-year gap. "Batman" racked up an estimated 62,954,600 in 1989 with ticket prices averaging $3.97 (!). So far, Christopher Nolan's third film has sold 50,635,700 tickets at an average price of $8.02. That's a $12 million difference.

Crazy inflation aside, "Batman" was no match for this year's box office juggernaut, "The Avengers." Earth's mightiest heroes sold 76 million tickets, putting it ahead of Burton's classic and 2008's "The Dark Knight," which racked up 74 million in tickets.


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