Are you a fan of filmmaker Tim Burton or stop-motion animation?

If so, then you're in luck. Burton's next movie "Frankenweenie" (which opens in theaters across North America on October 5), is touring the continent with The Art of "Frankenweenie" Exhibition.

The exhibition captures the magic of the filmmaking process and gives audiences an exclusive glimpse into the stop-motion animation process. From original sketches drawn by Burton to extensive props, sets and puppets, it showcases the artistic detail and vision that has gone into bringing this heartwarming tale to the big screen.

"Frankenweenie" enters into the world of a boy who, inspired by science and the love of his dog, brings his beloved pet Sparky back from the dead. Originally penned by Burton in 1984 (when he was still an animator for Walt Disney Pictures), this is a remake of one of his own first works. Both a parody and an homage to "Frankenstein," this movie is geared to appeal to adults and kids alike.

Moviefone stopped by the exhibition and took a few photos at its stop in Toronto at Fan Expo.

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