Upon hearing that Tom Hanks had earned some serious cool points with his impromptu photo session with a fan, perhaps somewhere, a Bill Murray fanatic thought: "This cannot stand."

So, how do you raise the stakes in a (totally invented) cool-off? With a paper doll, of course!

Courtesy of Niege Borges, the artist recently gave Murray the deluxe 2-D treatment with "Bill Wearing Socks."

Borges fashioned a print of all the actor's iconic costumes, which is for sale here (can you think of a better way to dress up your wall?). He also made a four-minute video -- set to appropriately themed tunes -- which counts down Murray's legendary acting career.

From "Moonrise Kingdom" to "Ghostbusters" take a look at the video above and the poster below.


[via Niege Borges h/t Vulture]
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