Shia LaBeouf is taking method acting to a whole new level. As the "Transformers" star admitted to USA Today, he dropped acid for his role in the upcoming mob flick "The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman." Why? Well, because his character is on acid at one point during the film.

"There's a way to do an acid trip like Harold & Kumar, and there's a way to be on acid," LaBeouf said. "What I know of acting, Sean Penn actually strapped up to that [electric] chair in 'Dead Man Walking.' These are the guys that I look up to."

Unfortunately, taking drugs then acting on camera didn't go quite according to plan. "Sometimes, it does get real... Too real for a [director] who's trying to keep a diplomatic set," the 26-year-old actor said.

However, as it turns out, LSD isn't the only way Shia is attempting to immerse himself in a new role. For "Lawless," which hits theaters this week, the star decided to get drunk on moonshine because (once again) his character was on it in the film. As USA Today, writes "If the role calls for [LaBeouf] to be moonshine-drunk, as in Depression-era bootlegging movie 'Lawless'...he drinks the real stuff and lets the bloated, hallucinogenic results play out on-screen."

So how will LaBeouf top himself next? By possibly having sex on-screen (no, really) in the upcoming Lars von Trier film, "Nymphomaniac."

"It is Lars von Trier, making a movie about what he's making," LaBeouf told MTV Movies. "For instance, there's a disclaimer at the top of the script that basically says we're doing it for real. Everything that is illegal, we'll shoot in blurred images. Other than that, everything is happening."

These new acting, uh... techniques, are a far cry from Shia's days as a child star. Although, perhaps we should have seen this coming? Back in 2008, in a Moviefone Unscripted session for the film "Eagle Eye," LaBeouf briefly talked about his dedication to the characters he plays.

"[I] got to fool around with the character in this. It's not completely about the action. And the action doesn't work if the character doesn't work, and the whole movie hinges on us being believable."

You can check out the full "Eagle Eye" Unscripted in the video below. "The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman" is set to hit theaters sometime in 2013.

[via USA Today]
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