"Avengers" director told Moviefone this May that he "made too much movie," and he was not whistling dixie!

Coming off the heels of an alternate opening, which features an uncharacteristically insubordinate agent Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) 48 hours after the tesseract event, Latino Review has gotten hold of a new deleted scene, this time starring Captain America (Chris Evans).

In "The Avengers" we reunite with Captain America after a WWII-memory-trance punching bag session, which briskly tells the audience: He's got some unresolved issues. But, it appears Whedon had originally given the Captain's war-torn trauma far more screen time.

The sequence begins back during The War with an old-timey announcer rattling off praises for the super solider -- ("He's the man to knock the axis on their axis," he beams. Which is amazing.) -- and follows him to present day New York, seeming very out of place on the R train.

Take a look at the clip above; "The Avengers" hits Blu-Ray September 25.

[via Latino Review]
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