Who says buddy comedies are only for guys?

The new flick "For a Good Time Call" follows two girls, Lauren and Katie, who hate each other but begrudgingly become roomies in a fabulous Gramercy Park apartment in New York. Uptight Lauren, played by co-writer Lauren Miller, is aghast when she discovers that Katie (Ari Graynor, "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist") works for a phone sex line.

As unemployed Lauren becomes desperate for money, she suggests that she and Katie launch their own phone sex line in order to reap more of the profits from Katie's hard work. With that, 1-800-MMM-HMMM is born, and hilarious antics ensue.

Along the way, the two women eventually stop hating each other. "It's really about these two girls getting over themselves and becoming friends," says Katie Anne Naylon, who co-wrote the script with Miller.

The narrative behind how Miller and Naylon ultimately made their pet project come to fruition is almost as fascinating as the movie itself. They've been working on it for years, often putting in long hours at Miller's dining room table perfecting the script and figuring out how to get production off the ground. "We tried to make this through the studio system and heard a lot of no's," says Miller.

They kept plugging away, and their hard work paid off. They got Graynor on board to act and produce, they recruited a director they loved, Canadian-born Jamie Travis, they landed Justin Long ("Live Free or Die Hard") to play their gay best friend, and they even scored some pretty impressive cameos, including director Kevin Smith ("Clerks"), actor Ken Marino ("Party Down," "Wet Hot American Summer") and Miller's real-life husband, Seth Rogen ("Knocked Up").

Moviefone recently sat down with Miller, Naylon, Graynor and Travis to find out more about the flick's fascinating back-story. Here are ten of the most interesting tidbits we discovered.

1. Naylon used to run her own phone sex line in college. "I needed a job in freshman year. On a lark, I auditioned for a phone sex line. It was something I knew I could brag about at parties," she recalls, laughing. She realized how much more money she could make if she had her own line, so she launched 1-866-FSUTITS (a nod to her school, FSU).

2. Naylon and Miller go way back -- they're actually college friends. When they decided to start working on "Good Time," "We said let's write about girls becoming friends," says Naylon. "We used the phone sex as a backdrop because it's funny." They each share a few characteristics with the Katie and Lauren characters. "I'm 40 percent Lauren. I'm a girl with a plan," says Miller.

3. The Katie character was written with Graynor in mind. Naylon and Miller loved her performance in "Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist," and even wrote her a love letter begging her to be in their movie. The letter, along with the script, completely won Graynor over.

4. This is director Jamie Travis's first feature-length film (he's best known for his award-winning short films and music videos). "I've been reading Hollywood scripts for the last five years. It's hard to find a script that resonates with me," he says. "I was really surprised by this script. I love that it treated female friendship in an authentic way."

5. Seth Rogen makes a very memorable cameo as a caller who requests a "three-way" phone sex session. He improvised most of his scene, including a great line about why there's nothing sexy about girls who don't wear underwear. "He was awesome. He was really proud of us," says Miller.

6. Graynor relishes the fact that she has the unique distinction of sharing a sexy moment with Miller and Rogen. "I love that I'm the only person who's ever had any kind of three-way with them," she says, laughing.

7. Graynor was hiding in the back seat of the cab while they filmed director Kevin Smith's cameo. Like Rogen, Smith improvised his scene. "He just went for it. He rock starred it," says Graynor. They wound with almost two hours of filthy footage to work with. "We so lucked out," says Graynor.

8. Even though it's set in a fabulous NYC apartment, most of the movie was shot in LA. "We only had one day in New York," says Naylon. "It really was this ballet."

9. Miller and Rogen's adorable dog, The Legend of Zelda, plays Justin Long's adorable dog Zelda. "Zelda was a total pro," says Travis. Graynor begs to differ. "I felt like Zelda was a bit of a diva! She followed Lauren around everywhere," she says, laughing.

10. Katie and Lauren's wardrobes evolve along with the characters. At the beginning of the flick, Lauren is very buttoned up, not unlike a stodgy librarian. Katie rocks the retro sexy onsies. As they each mellow out, they adopt elements of each other's looks and even wind up swapping clothes. "Both of their looks were so important," says Travis.

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