Break out the binoculars. With everyone from Johnny Depp to Selena Gomez to Ryan Gosling set to hit Toronto for the Toronto Film Festival this year, chances are there's a celeb you wouldn't mind spotting in real life.

While we certainly don't condone stalking, there's nothing wrong with a little innocent star-spotting. If you're lucky, you just might spy the Biebs supporting his gal pal at her "Spring Breakers" premiere. (Why don't they have a celebrity couple name yet? Surely there must be one I'm unaware of. In the meantime, I shall call them BiebGo.)

Even if you do spot BiebGo, most celebrity encounters are decidedly boring. Not so for brushes with Bill Murray, though. The funnyman is expected at TIFF this year to support the premiere of his flick "Hyde Park on Hudson," which means that anything could happen. Yes, anything. As legend has it, the funnyman likes to sneak up on unsuspecting folks on the street, cover their eyes and say 'Guess who?' When they turn around and see Bill Murray, he reportedly says, 'No one will ever believe you.' He's also been known to do karaoke with strangers, read poetry to construction workers, crash random house parties and roll into bars with the Wu-Tang Clan. (Thank you,, for compiling one of the most awesome Bill Murray-related lists ever.)

So, where might you spot Murray, BiebGo and other celebs this year? Well, Murray could be anywhere (even sneaking up behind you right now!) For the other, slightly more predictable celebs, here's a list of known hot spots. Get your camera phones ready!

1. TIFF Bell Lightbox. This one's a no-brainer. If you stand outside long enough, you'll see at least one star breezing in and out for a press conference or a screening. To look a little less, um, gawk-y, try to stake out a table on the Canteen patio.

2. Intercontinental Hotel on Front Street. The bulk of this year's media interviews will be happening here, so most celebs will be swinging by at least once. You can literally just sit outside and wait.

3. SoHo Metropolitan Hotel. This stylish boutique hotel is an after-party hot spot. Last year we saw Nicolas Cage here at a bash for "Trespass." The prime star-spotting time here is 11 p.m. til just past midnight, after the screenings.

4. Sotto Sotto. This cozy Yorkville resto is a celeb fave. A-listers like Ewan McGregor, Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman have all been spotted indulging in some primo pasta here.

5. Ritz-Carlton. Its status as the swankiest hotel within spitting distance of the TIFF Lightbox makes the Ritz an ideal spot for high wattage after-parties. Hunks like George Clooney and Alexander Skarsgard were seen partying here last year.

6. Nikki Beach. This year, the Miami Beach-based lifestyle brand is setting up a sure-to-be-chic lounge on The Spoke Club's rooftop terrace. Past Nikki Beach TIFF revelers have included Viggo Mortensen, Jon Hamm and Juliette Lewis.

7. Park Hyatt Rooftop. Even though most of the TIFF action has moved downtown, celebs are still drawn to chi-chi Yorkville hot spots like the Park Hyatt rooftop. Everyone from Keira Knightley to Brangelina has been spotted here.

8. One Restaurant at the Hazelton Hotel. Superstar Bono has been spotted savoring the classic French and Italian cuisine at celebrated chef Mark McEwan's exclusive resto.

9. Maple Leaf Square. This oft-forgotten square nestled behind Union Station is the unlikely home of this year's TIFF opening night party. The festivities are the same night as the much-anticipated "Looper" screening at Roy Thomson Hall, so it's not out of the question to think "Looper" stars Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt just might swing by.

10. The Roosevelt Room. This charming club is a celeb magnet thanks in part to its Old Hollywood glamour. Everyone from Gerard Butler to Colin Farrell to Anna Kendrick has been spotted sipping classic cocktails here.

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