It's clear that Brandon Cronenberg sees something in his directorial debut that we don't. Sure, there's love and lust in "Antiviral" -- mostly obsessive celebrity worship -- but there's only a smattering of comedic relief among the blood, scabbed lips and sickly people in the movie.

In "Antiviral," overly "dedicated" fans seek to get as close as they can to the object(s) of their affection by becoming infected with viruses that previously infected the star. This odd plotline seems quite reminiscent of his father, legendary Canadian director David Cronenberg, who wowed moviegoers with classics like "The Fly" and "Eastern Promises."

Moviefone Canada caught up with Brandon Cronenberg at the Toronto Film Festival, where his film will be screening for the first time in North America. Only 27 years old, Cronenberg is confident in his film, and we spoke candidly about gore, our celebrity-obsessed culture, and the ultimate irony of releasing a film of this nature in the midst of a celebrity-driven festival.

Check out our video interview, above.

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