When it comes to "Titanic," Kate Winslet -- try as she has to "suppress a massive eye roll" -- will go on and on.

To celebrate the Blu-Ray release of "Titanic 3D," Paramount has unearthed Winslet's screen test from the 1997 blockbuster. But, Leonardo DiCaprio fans may be a hugely disappointed: Rose is reading lines with another Jack. The actor starring opposite Rose Dewitt Bukater is Jeremy Sisto, who plays Elton in another 90's cult flick, "Clueless."

James Cameron recently spoke to Moviefone about Winslet's candid comments about "Titanic."

"I have to cut her some slack on that," Cameron said. "And in a way, you're almost being punished for doing too well, a good part of the success of the film was because of their great work and so now they've had this sort of sense that there was a long shadow they had to escape from, so I understand her needing to distance herself from it.But, on the other hand, you know, it's been 16 years, like, come on, Kate. Get over it. Take the win, girl! [Laughs] It's OK. You can relax now. You can unclench."

Take a look at Rose Dewitt Bukater rolling with the homies above. (Someone, get on a mash-up immediately.)

[via Movies.com]
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