At an international film festival, you'd think celebrities would be treated like precious commodities.

Not so, says legendary actor Tom Hanks.

At a Toronto Film Festival press conference for "Cloud Atlas," Hanks' latest film, the actor let loose and expressed dissatisfaction with TIFF organizers, according to Toronto Life.

"I got a question about the Toronto International Film Festival," he said. "Why do you run your celebrities through a pen like we're bulls on the way to slaughter? It's like the narrowest kind of entrance to a theatre I've ever had. I thought someone was going to be there on the other side with a prod they were going to put through my head. It was a very, very scary enterprise."

Not content with smearing the festival organizers, he then went on to slag the journalists and critics, many of whom were attending the press conference:

"Don't take this the wrong way," Hanks said, after being questioned about his favourite "Cloud Atlas" experience. "But I loved playing [African American gangster/author] Dermot Hoggins because he got to throw a critic off a balcony to his horrible crushing death. [Laughs] That was my favourite part. Oh God, how I loved it."

It seems that Hanks wants to be anywhere but Toronto: "If I truly had power, I'd be water skiing right now," he said. Ouch!

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