This is the sixth blog in a series documenting what it's like working behind-the-scenes at TIFF.

Day Five

8:15 AM -- First (almost) full night's sleep in weeks. Answering emails in bed as I prepare for Day Five.

10:52AM -- Dropped in on the "Alternative Africa" industry panel on distribution and content. So many great projects underway in Africa: booming markets, hungry audiences and talented filmmakers.

12:30PM -- Made my way up to the top of the CN Tower to host a lunch with programmer Rasha Salti for our African filmmakers and delegates. Old friends and new, all coming together over a love for African cinema. At the table: Zeze Gamboa, Barry Berk, film critic Jean-Michel Frodon, South African actor Deon Lotz and Senegalese filmmaker Wagane Gueye among others.

3:45PM -- Lunch still going round, as is the floor at the rotating restaurant. Magnificent views of the city, clear blue skies and glittering water.

4:20PM -- Scene: Elevator doors in the lobby of TIFF Bell Lightbox open. Amid the cramped bodies, a familiar face. Colin Firth, riding the elevator with the people.

5:30PM -- Pushing through a pile of RSVPs to the City to City Mumbai party taking place on day six on the rooftop of TIFF Bell Lightbox. It's going to be big.

5:54PM -- Quick costume change and headed over to the Asian Summit Cocktail. After all day panels and lots of business, everyone seems relieved to have a drink and celebrate the growing Asian film industry and market.

7:06PM -- Nervously curling my hair in the bathroom of our offices. About to stand on stage with two stunning, luminous women.

9:12PM -- Standing back stage with Olga Kurylenko and Rachel McAdams after a poignant and refreshingly candid Q&A for TO THE WONDER. Both are dressed to perfection and spoke eloquently and effortlessly of their experiences working with the enigmatic Terrence Malick.

10:07PM -- Chatting with directors Grace Lee and Shola Lynch at the Directors Dinner. So much great talent in one room.

11:52PM -- Late night Q&A with Indian auteur Girish Kasaravalli. Despite the late time, audience questions were impressively perceptive. Girish spoke insightfully about the reevaluation of Gandhi's legacy and values in contemporary India.

1:23AM -- Headed home early, big day tomorrow. In the line-up: Lunch with German auteur Margarethe Von Trotta and French newcomer Alice Winocour; Q&A for the shocking and powerful CAMP 14, documentary about North Korean prison camps; my baby, the City to City Mumbai Party up on the roof. Get your shoulders ready.
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