"You know, you were the youngest looper I ever hired," says Jeff Daniels to a Bruce Willis-ified Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the new clip from "Looper."

From Rian Johnson ("Brothers Bloom") the film follows Joe (Gordon-Levitt) a hired assassin (known as a "looper"), who's tasked with killing people sent back in time from the year 2077. The rub? He's soon assigned to take out his older-self (Bruce Willis).

Godron-Levitt recently spoke to Moviefone at this year's Toronto Film Festival about transforming himself into the young reflection of the "Die Hard" actor.

"I watched a lot of [Willis's] movies. Even more so I focused on the audio. I was really into his voice. I would rip the audio off of his movies and put him onto the iPod so I could just listen. He also recorded himself doing some of my voiceover monologues and sent me that recording so I could hear how I could say it. But the most productive thing was hanging out with him, having dinner, talking, just soaking it in."

In the new clip, which you can watch above, Gordon-Levitt is seen talking to his looper mentor (Daniels) about being a prodigy child.

"Looper" hits theaters September 28.
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