This weekend's "Dredd" is a rare treat - it's an expansive, fully realized science fiction piece that is almost entirely self-contained. This kind of control is rarely exhibited for a genre defined by zippy flying cars and giant monsters, but "Dredd" manages it, pitting two futuristic lawgivers (Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby) against a skyscraping tenement building called Peach Trees.

Sure, the structure has two hundred floors -- packed with hardened thugs who are doping on a new substance called Slo-Mo that makes everything slow down for the user and looks really, really cool (bath bubbles crystallize and shimmer like freshly-cut diamonds) -- but it's still a single location movie. It's adherence to this is both admirable and shocking, especially when you consider the original adaptation of "Judge Dredd," back in 1995, which managed to squeeze in killer robots, psychotic clones and a fist fight inside a hollowed-out Statue of Liberty. It also got us thinking about other great single-location movies, which you can see below.

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